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Lake Mills Light & Water reminds residential customers to be conscious of their home energy use and take steps to enhance the efficiency of their home. 

We offer several resources to help customers manage their energy usage at home. The HomeEnergySuite provides customers with 24/7 access to the energy answers they seek and provides one-stop-shopping for the residential customer’s energy information needs. The online resource gives customers the opportunity to conduct a self analysis on their home and review scenarios that will help them save energy and money. 

We also encourage homeowners to be aware of neglected problems and repairs that need to be made in the home. Small repairs can make a big difference when you add up how much energy your home wastes trying to compensate for things like leaks and cracks. 

We encourage homeowners to do immediate repairs to:

  • Cracked windows. If your windows are old and made of single-pane glass, even a small crack invites outdoor air into the house – and allows air-conditioned or heated air to get out. Have the glass replaced as soon as you spot the crack.
  • Cracks or holes in walls. These occur most often around windows, doors and wall penetrations where cable and phone lines enter the house. Once a crack starts to spread, it can not only allow your conditioned air to escape, it can let water get into the wall.
  • Malfunctioning appliances. If your air conditioner is cycling on too often or if your oven seems to take longer to finish baking than it should, they’re wasting energy.

Making your home more energy efficient with ENERGY STAR® qualified products and services can also help to reduce high energy bills and improve comfort. ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products, windows, appliances and more help improve a home’s energy efficiency, while saving money for the homeowner. 

For more energy-saving ideas and information about improving your home’s energy efficiency, contact Greg Hoffmann at (920) 723-3041.

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