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PFAS Not Found in Lake Mills Water System

Lake Mills Light & Water (LML&W) recently volunteered to participate in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) statewide investigation into the occurrence of Per- and Poly- fluoroalkyl Substances, commonly known as PFAS. Test results determined that the city’s water system, “had no detect of PFAS compounds analyzed by the EPA 537.1 method, and there will be no further sampling for your system associated with this project,” according to William Dougherty, DNR Water Supply specialist.

LML&W voluntarily took part in this investigation by sampling its drinking water for PFAS to proactively assess the potential impacts of PFAS in the drinking water and to protect the health of residents as needed.  The results show that PFAS compounds were not detected.

PFAS have been found in some drinking water supplies across the country, including sites in Wisconsin.  Some cities have already shut down wells because of elevated levels of PFAS.

PFAS can be found in fire-fighting foams, stain repellants, nonstick cookware, waterproof clothing, food wrappers, and are used in many industrial processes. They do not break down in the environment, move easily into water sources, and require additional technology and cost to remove from water systems.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has made health based advisory level recommendations for 12 individual PFAS compounds and a combined value for six other additional compounds.

“LML&W  is committed to providing our residents with quality drinking water.  We will continue to work closely with the DNR to maintain the quality of your water” said Paul Hermanson, Director of Public Works.

Specific health information regarding PFAS compounds with health advisory recommendations in WI can be found at


First published on 6/8/2022