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Dear resident of S. Main & Mulberry streets,

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that replacement of the water main and city-owned laterals (service lines) is scheduled to begin in March or April, 2019.  This letter constitutes a    45-day notice of such work as required by s. NR 809.545 (4)(a), Wis. Adm. Code.

Residents of all buildings served by the S. Main Street water line or the Mulberry Street water line may experience a temporary increase of lead levels in their drinking water after service lines are replaced.

To protect residents of your home from the possibility of temporarily high lead levels consider the following suggestions:


Allow the tap to run for a minute or two prior to drinking or cooking with the water.


Consider completing a whole-house flushing of your water system.  Contact Lake Mills Light & Water for information on how to do this.


Install a whole house water filter designed specifically to filter lead.


Use a pitcher filter designed to specifically filter lead for drinking and cooking water. Lake Mills Light & Water will supply one filter at your request.


Consider using bottled water until street construction is completed.

Additionally, if specifically requested, at homes with complete or partial lead service laterals, Lake Mills Light & Water will, at the public water system's expense, collect a sample from each partially-replaced lead service line no later than 72 hours after the completion of the partial replacement of the service line.  Lake Mills Light & Water will collect the sample and report the results of the analysis to the building owner and each resident served by the line no later than three business days after receiving the results.

Questions can be directed to Lake Mills Light & Water at 920-648-4026 or



Paul Hermanson

Director of Public Works