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The City of Lake Mills is implementing an emergency alert system to better communicate with residents and utility customers.

“AlertSense” is a notification system designed to send brief messages via email and text to residents and utility customers during emergencies.  This system will be used primarily by the electric, wastewater, and water utilities, as well as the Streets Department and Parks and Grounds Department.

This system will be used to alert residents to emergencies such as electric power outages, beach closures, sanitary sewer and water system issues, and street closures. This system will not be used to provide community event information, solicit information from residents, announce school closings, or announce weather events. AlertSense has the capability to send notifications to the entire city, as well as selected areas or individual addresses.

This system is not intended to notify residents about police and fire emergencies.  The police and fire departments will continue to use the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

Sign Up to Get Notifications

Residents and utility customers must sign up to receive AlertSense notifications.  A flyer with sign up information is included with January 2023 utility bills.

Sign up online here or use the QR code below.

Emergency Notification Sign Up

“It’s taken a while to be able to offer this service, but we’re finally ready to make it happen,” said Paul Hermanson, Director of Public Works.  “We’ll use it provide timely, useful, and accurate information to the community during a variety of emergency situations.”