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Electric Department

Lake Mills Light & Water is typical of most municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin, in that it is an electrical distribution utility that purchases bulk power at wholesale rates, for resale to the residents of Lake Mills.

Communities with a municipal electric utility generally enjoy lower rates and better service due to the utility's local presence, local accountability and non-profit nature.

We maintain an electric distribution system that services approximately 4000 homes, businesses and industries. Lake Mills Light & Water does not purchase its bulk power at a transmission voltage; it purchases power directly at 24,940 volts from a WE Energies distribution feeder.

Our electric utility staff is responsible for maintaining this distribution system, including the substations, transformers and meters used by our customers.


Please remember to trim your shrubs and trees around your electric meter. Your meter reader needs to be able to access your electric and water meters each month, so keep your meters free of branches from trees and shrubs or other plantings.

Meter readings will be much more accurate and timely if the meter reader can reach the meters safely and easily.