Pay Your Bill
REMINDER: Please remember to clear a path through the snow or ice when you are out clearing your sidewalks so that our meter reader can access your utility meters safely!

Lake Mills’ residents running water to prevent freezing may stop doing so on March 31. Light & Water (LMLW) had asked customers to run water until notified by LMLW because of the unusually deep frost this winter.

The prolonged extreme cold this winter caused customers to experience a loss of water service because of frozen laterals, but as temperatures increase the likelihood of frozen water pipes decreases.

LMLW encourages customers to continue to take periodic temperature readings of water at the cold water faucet closest to the meter. This may be done by letting the cold water run gently over a household thermometer for approximately one half minute. If the cold water temperature is less than 38° F the pipes may still be in danger of freezing.

We’re busting some of the misconceptions on how to keep your utility bills down in the winter.

MYTH: Electric space heaters are better than heating the whole house.TRUTH: These are energy suckers. It is impractical, expensive, and potentially dangerous to have a space heater running for a long period of time.

MYTH: Turning down the thermostat during the day will make my furnace work harder later. TRUTH: Your furnace will run for a shorter time and use far less energy to heat up a cool house than it would if you kept the house warm all day.

MYTH: You should close the vents in rooms you are not using to save energy. TRUTH: Closing vents will restrict airflow from the furnace, causing the blower motor to work harder which will affect the comfort level of the rest of the home.