Pay Your Bill

Heating and cooling can account for more than half the average home’s energy use, which makes air conditioner maintenance an investment worth making.

Lake Mills Light & Water’s Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up program offers a $25 credit on your utility bill to business and residential customers for the services of a professional service technician every two years. The technician will perform an inspection that includes cleaning and lubricating the air conditioner’s parts and checking for good working order. To qualify, customers must have a central air conditioning unit of five tons or less that has not had a tune-up in the last two years.

“Without maintenance, air conditioning performance declines and energy usage increases,” said Cory Neeley, Energy Services Representative. “After a tune-up, your central air should run more efficiently, saving energy and money.”

Neeley emphasized that it’s also important to replace air conditioning filters regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A worn filter will slow air flow, making the system work harder and wasting electricity.

To apply for the Central AC Tune-Up rebate, click here.

Shiny metallic balloons are often signs of a celebration – but when they come into contact with power lines, they can cause potential problems.

Mylar is one type of polyester film used in making the helium-filled balloons. The metallic properties of Mylar balloons can cause a surge of electricity and a potential short circuit when they touch power lines or substation equipment.

The end result can be an explosion, fire, possible injuries and power outage. For that reason, we caution people about not releasing Mylar balloons outdoors. Always keep them tethered and attached to a weight.

To dispose of a Mylar balloon, puncture it to release the helium to make sure it can’t float away from a garbage container. If one should become entangled in a power line, don’t attempt to retrieve it. Stay away from the power line and call Lake Mills Light & Water at 648-4026.