Pay Your Bill

Energy Awareness Month in October is a time for households and businesses to think about their daily routines and consumption habits.

With winter just around the corner, customers may see their energy usage increase. Taking simple steps may minimize that increase.

We recommend that customers evaluate potential changes such as:

  • Selecting and using energy-efficient office equipment and turning off office machines when not in use.
  • Setting the computer’s operating system to power down or go into sleep mode when not in use and avoid using screen savers.
  • Limiting the use of small appliances like space heaters, personal printers and fans in the office.
  • Plugging electronics into power strips and turning them off when not in use.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat or energy management system to automatically manage indoor temperatures.
  • Switching to ENERGY STAR® certified lighting, appliances and electronics. (See for more information.)

Homeowners can identify ways to use less and save by using our online Home Energy Suite tool. Businesses may benefit from the utility’s specialized energy management programs and services, including energy audits and new construction design assistance.