Pay Your Bill

Lake Mills Light & Water customers recently experienced two frustrating situations.

On Tuesday night (April 21) a tree fell across a three-phase power line and knocked out power to a large portion of the City.  This type of situation - a direct fault on a heavily loaded power line - can cause other issues.  This particular fault occurred just a few hundred yards from the LML&W maintenance shop on CP Avenue and it appears a fault current from the outage damaged our computer system, phones, and water SCADA.

We are still not entirely sure of all the damage that may have been caused in our building.  What this does mean; however, is that our water SCADA system was not reading or responding accurately and the proper pumps were not being turned on and the water tower was not being refilled.  Consequently, the entire water system was drained to a very low level.  The crew has now restarted the pumps and are manually monitoring the system until we can have everything properly tested and reset. 

Additionally, because our phone system was also damaged, calls were not being routed properly.  We do have an after-hours answering service that is staffed by live people, but because of the phone system issues, the calls were not being sent to them.

 We have our service providers for both the SCADA system and phone system onsite checking the entire system and getting things back in order.

We truly regret and apologize for this inconvenience.

This afternoon we were informed by the Wisconsin DNR to present a boil water notice until further notice.  Click here for the notice from the DNR.